Preserving the Recent Past 3 (PRP3) Conference – March 13-16, 2019

Los Angeles, California: The Historic Preservation Education Foundation, the University of Southern California School of Architecture, and the National Park Service are pleased to announce a three-day conference dedicated to identifying and preserving post-World War II historic resources, to take place March 13-16, 2019 at University of Southern California (USC) School of Architecture in Los Angeles. Following pre-conference tours on Wednesday March 13, the main paper sessions in concurrent tracks will be held on Thursday and Friday, March 14–15. A closing panel and reception will be held Friday evening. Additional tours and workshops will be held throughout the Los Angeles area on Saturday, March 16.

Building upon the groundbreaking 1995 Preserving the Recent Past, and the 2000 Preserving the Recent Past 2, this third conference will provide a new forum to share the latest strategies for identifying, protecting, and conserving significant structures and sites from the post-World War II era. Public and private stakeholders are invited from across the spectrum of preservation, nonprofit and development organizations, specialists in architectural conservation, owners and site managers, design and construction professionals, planners, government officials, educators, students, and fans of postwar cultural resources.

In the almost two decades since the last Preserving the Recent Past conference, a variety of new resource types and styles, from post-Modernism to Brutalism, have reached fifty years of age; innovation continues in the treatment of postwar materials and assemblies; new surveying techniques for large suburban and urban landscapes have emerged; and ongoing efforts seek to expand the ways preservation can help tell the stories of postwar culture and social movements.

PRP3 will feature:

• Multiple paper sessions over two days covering historic rehabilitation and advocacy strategies and technical conservation issues and solutions for recent past resources.

• Special seminars and workshops on targeted topics

• Tours of recent past sites throughout the Los Angeles area

• AIA Continuing Education Learning Units for all paper sessions, workshops, and tours

• Complimentary space for affinity organization meetings

• Onsite book sales

Potential topics include:

• rehabilitation and reuse strategies for recent past buildings and sites

• conservation issues, sustainability and solutions for post-World War II resources

• techniques for surveying recent past neighborhoods and commercial districts

• advocacy challenges and opportunities for the recent past

• thematic frameworks and trends related to recent past buildings, sites, and landscapes

• significant Post-war era sites of underserved communities

• new digital approaches to documenting and interpreting recent past sites

• Post-war modernism, Brutalism, Postmodernism and questions on identifying resources

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