NCPE/NPS Academic Year 2016-2017 Internships Announced

The National Park Service and partnering agencies will offer internships during the academic year of 2016-2017. This notice covers the period January – May 2017. A separate notice will be distributed in January 2017 for summer 2017 positions. Internships are for 400 hours (usually ten weeks at forty hours per week) and in Washington, DC except where noted. Stipends range from a total of $4800 for shorter positions up to $18,000 for longer-term positions; the position supervisor will have details on the stipend amount for a given position if you are called for an interview. The exact starting dates will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled in an academic program in historic preservation or an allied field, or very recently graduated (degree received August 2015 or later). Interns are not eligible to work more than 1200 hours in this program; previous interns in the program must stay within this overall limit.

Please be aware that, unless otherwise noted, interns are responsible for travel to and housing at the internship location. This should be kept in mind particularly for those internships in the West. In some cases the supervising office may be able to assist in locating housing but it is ultimately up to the individual accepting the internship to find accommodations.

Also be aware that, due to Government-wide security requirements, a background check will be required for any position which involves access to Government computers, if you are chosen for that position. This will include providing information about recent housing and employment history. The position supervisor will have more information on requirements and procedures at the time of hiring.

To submit your application, please scan your materials electronically and email them as a single Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file containing both signed application and transcripts to Cari Goetcheus at the University of Georgia (email: Please adhere to the single .pdf format requirement; processing of your application will be delayed if materials are not received in this form. Name the file with your name in this format: Lastname_Firstname_NCPE_Acad1617. Due to the large number of applications received, please strive to keep files under 3 MB; any files over 3 MB should be submitted in a compressed file format to make transmittal easier.

Submitting hard copies is discouraged as it will also delay application processing, but if electronic submission is not possible, all application materials should be mailed to the National Council for Preservation Education, Attention: Cari Goetcheus, Associate Professor, University of Georgia, College of Environment and Design, 108 Denmark Hall, Athens, GA 30602. Applications must be received no later than October 28, 2016. Please indicate by number the internship(s) in which you are interested, no more than six total (multiple numbers heading a single description count as one choice).