NCPE Leadership Opportunities Announcement

The National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE) Executive Committee has several positions opening up in the near term. This currently includes the Membership Director as well as subcommittee membership slots.

The Executive Committee is comprised of: Chair, Past-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, First Vice-Chair (Membership Director), Second Vice-Chair (Website Director), and is supplemented by subcommittee Chairs for NPS Internship Coordinator, and PER Journal Editor and other special topics.

At a minimum, a potential Executive Committee candidate must be:

  •  Tenured or late in the tenure track process; have a long term adjunct relationship to the program in which they teach; or be affiliated with a NCPE member institution in a professional capacity.
  •  Strong passion about preservation
  •  Strong commitment to the advancement of preservation education at a national or regional level
  •  Commit to a 2 year (repeatable) term on the Executive Committee
  •  Be willing and able to attend the NCPE Annual Meeting (travel and accommodations paid by candidate) and the NCPE Executive Committee Meeting in the Summer (travel and accommodations paid by NCPE)
  •  Be willing to interact periodically with Executive Committee (e.g., Skype, Conference Calls, emails, ad hoc meetings).

Membership on the Executive committee provides:

  •  Opportunities for professional development in a service capacity for HP Education
  •  Opportunities for networking with a group of highly motivated preservation educators
  •  Personal growth and demonstration of leadership skills
  •  Interaction and exchange of ideas that will guide the intellectual, pragmatic, and political aspects of historic preservation education and practice.

Membership on a subcommittee include the PER Journal Advisory Board, the PER Journal Review Committee, NCPE Conference Committee, Fitch Award Committee, Internship Coordinator.

Please send a brief statement (100 words or less) of interest in joining the Executive Committee or a subcommittee to Robert Young ( by July 8, 2016.