A Guide to Becoming a Historic Preservation Professional

A Guide to Becoming an Historic Preservation Professional: The Work You Can Do, What Employers Want, and Educational Considerations

by: Jeremy C. Wells, Ph.D. with assistance from Priya Chhaya

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I have created what is, as far as I know, the first guide to becoming a professional historic preservationist. It is not only based on my experience, which spans nearly all the areas of practice in the field, but also uses empirical evidence from employers. The guide can help someone who, for instance, wants to work in downtown revitalization discover what degrees employers are looking for as well as what skills and knowledge they’ll need.

I hope this guide proves useful for those investigating careers in historic preservation. More importantly, I hope that, by making the breadth of preservation transparent and accessible, it intrigues people who would not have previously considered such a career. Enjoy! – Dr. Wells