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Historic Preservation Certificate Programs

Some certificates can be earned while concurrently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Others serve as standalone programs where it is not necessary to be a degree seeking student. There are even opportunities to take individual standalone classes which are not part of a larger certificate program.

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Institution & ProgramContact InformationAreas of Emphasis or SpecialtiesEligibilityStudents Enrolled
Bucks County Community College
Historic Preservation
Newtown, Pennsylvania
Patricia J. Fisher-Olsen
(215) 968-8286
online, architectural history, documentation, measured drawings, building technology, hands on techniques, material culture, preservation funding• Undergraduate
• Graduate
• Professionals
• Everyone
55 - 60
Georgia State University
Historic Preservation
Atlanta, Georgia
Richard Laub
(404) 413-6365
architectural history, conservation, archives administration, museum studies & exhibits, preservation planning.• Graduate
• Professionals
Lamar Community College
Historic Building Technology
Lamar, Colorado
George McQueen
(303) 893-4260 x231
Online courses in history, theory, building materials, rehabilitation tax-credits. Hands-on courses with HistoriCorps Field® School for Saving Places™• Undergraduate
• Graduate
• Professionals
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Individual Classes
Kirk Cordell
(318) 356-7444
Individual class topics vary, so does the city. They are not part of a certificate program.
archaeology, collections, architecture, engineering, historic landscapes, materials conservation
• Professionals
• Everyone
Plymouth State University
Historic Preservation
Plymouth, New Hampshire
Stacey G. Yap
(603) 535-2333
public policy, preservation planning, heritage tourism and heritage resource management• Graduate
• Professionals
Rutgers University
Historic Preservation
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Archer St. Clair Harvey
(732) 932-7041
contact page
archaeology, history, architecture, internship• Undergraduate
• Graduate
Savannah College of Art & Design
Historic Preservation
Savannah, Georgia
Jeff Eley
online, architectural conservation, building analysis, building technology & materials, cultural landscapes, community-based projects, economic development• Professionals
• Graduate
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Historic Preservation
Chicago, Illinois
Anne Sullivan
(312) 629-6680
documentation, interiors, study abroad, landscape, community-based projects• MArch program30
Texas A&M University
Historic Preservation
College Station, Texas
Robert Warden
anthropology, architecture, cultural landscapes, documentation, economic development & adaptive reuse, preservation philosophy, preservation technology• MArch, MLA, MUP, MS, MSLD, MS Anth, MS RPTS, MS CVEN, PhD programs25
Texas Tech University
Historic Preservation
Lubbock, Texas
Elizabeth I. Louden
(806) 742-3136 x 241
technology, documentation, mid-century, hands-on community projects, preservation planning, cultural resource management, federal & state agencies, international preservation• Graduate6 - 12
Tulane University
Preservation Studies
New Orleans, Louisiana
John Stubbs
(504) 865-5389
architectural conservation, community-based projects, fieldwork, historic preservation, building analysis, law, preservation planning, study abroad• Students in the 5 year architecture program25
University of Georgia
Historic Preservation
Athens, Georgia
Mark Reinberger
(706) 542-4706
advocacy, building technology & materials, documentation, economic development & adaptive reuse, environmental history & conservation, landscapes• Graduate
• Professionals
University of Maryland
Historic Preservation
College Park, Maryland
Donald Linebaugh
(301) 405-6309
economic development & adaptive reuses, preservation philosophy, preservation law, preservation planning, recent past, archaeology, community engagement• Graduate30
University of Pennsylvania
Historic Preservation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Randy Mason
(215) 898-3169
architectural conservation, cultural landscapes, design, site management, preservation planning, study abroad summer program• Architecture, landscape architecture, or city planning programs
• Professionals
University of Southern California
Heritage Conservation
Los Angeles, Califormia
Trudi Sandmeier
(213) 821-5452
architectural history, building technology & materials, preservation law, landscapes, research, building documentation, recent past, summer program• Graduate
• Professionals
University of Arizona
Heritage Conservation
Tucson, Arizona
R. Brooks Jeffery
archaeology, sustainability, preservation planning, internship, anthropology, materials science, NPS partnership, recent past, cultural & vernacular landscapes, documentation, CRM, communities, international preservation• MArch, MSArch, MLA, MSPlanning, MA. Applied Archaeology programs
• Professionals
5 - 10
University of Cincinnati
Historic Preservation
Cincinnati, Ohio
Jeff Tilman
archaeology, architectural conservation, architectural history, architecture, geography, history, interiors, preservation planning, urban studies• Undergraduate
• Graduate
• Professionals
20 - 25
University of Florida
Historic Preservation
Gainesville, Florida
Morris Hylton, III
(352) 392-0252 ext 457
Multi-disciplinary: Architecture, Building Construction, Interiors, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, hands-on field schools in Nantucket, MA and St. Augustine, FL• Graduate50
University of Hawai'i, Manoa
Historic Preservation
Honolulu, Hawaii
William Chapman
(808) 956-8826
documentation, material culture, preservation administration & management, surveys• Graduate25
University of New Mexico
Historic Preservation and Regionalism
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Francisco Uviña
(505) 277-2903
cultural landscapes, design, local history, preservation planning, public history, summer program, vernacular architecture • MArch, MLA, MCRP programs25
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Historic Preservation
Greensboro, North Carolina
Jo Leimenstoll
(336) 334-5320
architectural conservation, design, historic preservation, material culture, public policy• Professionals15
University of Texas at San Antonio
Historic Preservation
San Antonio, Texas
William A. Dupont
(210) 458-3092
Building technology & materials, building analysis documentation, fieldwork, cultural sustainability, preservation law, project management, planning, and conservation theory• Graduate41
University of Virginia
Historic Preservation
Charlottesville, Virginia
Daniel Bluestone
architectural history, architecture, cultural landscapes, community-based projects, landscapes, study abroad, theory, urban studies• MArch, MLArch, MArHist, MUr&EnvPl programs30
University of Washington
Historic Preservation
Seattle, Washington
Manish Chalana
(206) 616-6051
architectural history, architecture, community-based projects, design, landscapes, preservation planning, international preservation• MArch, MSArch, MLA, MUP, PhD programs15