Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation CFP

39th Annual Meeting – Calgary, Alberta – May 25-27, 2017
Big Sky, Big Landscape, Big Ideas

The Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation (AHLP) is pleased to announce its 2017 annual meeting theme of “Big Sky, Big Landscape, Big Ideas,” to be held in Calgary, Alberta. The Program Committee invites proposals for papers and summaries of works in progress that will promote lively and thoughtful discussions about cultural landscape conservation. In particular, submissions that deal with the subjects of tourism, agriculture, and natural resource extraction are encouraged, as these themes will be reinforced by our visits to the cultural landscapes of recreation and industry in Calgary, Canada’s third largest city; Drumheller Valley, a landscape of former coal mines and agriculture in Alberta’s badlands; and Banff, the scenic birthplace of Canada’s national park system. We also encourage proposals on the wide the range of topics present in the Alberta landscape, such as:
– Aboriginal, First Nations and Native American perspectives, interpretations and understandings of the power of place and the larger landscape.
- Explorations of the cultural concept of “The North,” including notions and concepts of Canadian identity.
- Topics concerning the preservation, adaptation and reuse of vernacular architecture, structures and landscapes.
- Issues associated with the reclamation, restoration and renewal of post-industrial sites and landscapes.
- Topics relating to the establishment, experience, influence, impact, and management of national parks. (Such topics could include; issues of resource management, conflicts between preservation and development, ecological and habitat pressures associated with global climate change, etc.)
Proposals are invited within three (3) categories of presentations, however because of time constraints, you may submit one proposal only regarding the first two categories.
1. Papers: 25-30 minute papers addressing issues in landscape preservation theory, practice, or education.
2. Summaries of Works-in-Progress: 10-15 min. discussions of on-going projects.
3. Posters: graphic presentations of projects using appropriate illustrative techniques (one panel 30″
by 40″ is recommended).

Please submit an abstract of 500 words or less outlining the topic of the paper, its context within theory, practice, or education, its timeliness, principal findings or conclusions, and questions for discussion.
Summaries of Works-in-Progress
Please submit a proposal of 250 words or less outlining the work-in-progress, its context and potential significance, and questions for discussion.
Please submit a proposal of 250 words or less outlining the project, its context and significance, and questions for discussion.
All abstracts and proposals must be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments – these should be Microsoft Word documents and be arranged as follows:
- Title page: this should note the type of presentation proposed, then give the title of the presentation, the author’s name and complete mailing address, institution/firm affiliation, phone number and e- mail address.
- Content pages: these should note the type of presentation and the title, and then provide an abstract or proposal within the word limits set out above – please do not include your name or any identifying personal information on content pages.
Questions and proposals should be sent to Kimball Erdman at The deadline for all submissions is March 13, 2017. For more information regarding the conference, and the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation please visit our website:
The Selection Process:
A panel will evaluate all proposals using a blind, peer review process. The program selection will be based on the following criteria (listed in order of importance):
- Originality of content and approach
- Likelihood of the topic stimulating interdisciplinary discussion, and
- Relevance to the theme of the meeting
Those submitting proposals will be notified of the decision of the panel by April 3, 2017.
Presenters must pre-register for the meeting and must take out memberships in the Alliance if they are not already members. The Alliance will provide boards to which posters of the recommended size can be attached, but those presenting posters are responsible for the transportation of their posters to and from Calgary, Alberta.
Student Scholarships
The Alliance welcomes proposals from students and some scholarships are available for those whose proposals are accepted. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship should send their proposals together with scholarship application materials to the AHLP Education Committee and not to Kimball Erdman. Please refer to the Alliance website for full scholarship application details.